The meeting is held on fu rther standardized operation,management tasks and futu re develoDment thought of the company.

As early as in 1994,the former secretary Wu Renbao Advanced the idea of"qood reputation to be bu_lt bY ourselves"at the National People's Conaress.

Wu Xie'en,the new Party secretary of Huaxi Vellaqe and chairman and President of Jianqsu Huaxi GrouP CompanV.Has said at the meetinq manV times:"mhe market economy is not only that of faith,but also that of law”.mhe storaCle area takes the name of

Chengxin(faith),promising the customer with the golden signboard of Huaxi Village:

Mr.Li Manliang,General Manaqer of Jianqsu Huaxicun Co.,Ltd has Put forward hiqh request for the operation of company.on the premise of strength guarantee from the company,upholding

the integrity of business-oriented。

1.To quarantee the quality of the chemical materials of the customer with the qood conditions of the storate area and strict internal manaqement measure and if there are any problemes,to

compensate with out dispute!

2.To reduce the loss to the lowest Point and to make the customer at ease and satisfaction by making it transparent,Public and available on the internet,etc.

3.Good service by asking the customer for rectification and reformation requirement on a reqularbasis。